Hi!  I'm  David

Welcome to my site, and yes that's a photo of me!

As a Film & TV Graduate, I enjoy creating new and exciting stories through photography!


During my time at Uni, I had a revelation. As well as having an avid interest in the detail behind the camera, I wanted to capture that key natural moment, whilst building on my style and passion in the world of photography. My focus is not just in a series of moving images but in that one split second that tells a story. 


Using natural light is what I enjoy most with a focus on Portraits and  Commercial.


I also enjoy playing the guitar, learning to snowboard, coming up with new story ideas and planning my next road trips!


I'm based in West Sussex, although work has taken me to various wonderful locations around England. I hope you feel inspired for us to work together and feel free to contact me anytime. Let us create some exciting new images!


All shoots will be COVID friendly. I will show up with a mask and in any indoor locations we shoot at I will make sure they follow standard procedures on hygiene.


My sessions are taken at your chosen location. Whether you are looking for some new headshots, promoting a brand, or even promoting your own business. My shoots stay professional whilst ensuring you have fun!


Want a Cinematic Portrait Video for your portfolio? Need help creating your next music video? Perhaps you want some help filming that script you've kept in the back of your mind! Enquire today and I can help you create something new and innovative for your portfolio!


Depending on the complexity of the project, I will either work individually or with my production team Pink Pebble Productions. Enquire first and we will discuss options.


I offer a retouching service for creatives who have limited available time to edit their own work under deadlines and/or would like a professional edit to add to your portfolio. 

Quotes start at £15 per edit, bundles of five for £60. The images you see on my portfolio are considered extreme edits, detail which would take me a couple of hours per photo. Please contact me for further details about this offer since I could also do a deal for less detailed batch retouching.